🌴 Day 089 PUG PUP Giclèe Art Print
🌴 Day 089 PUG PUP Giclèe Art Print
🌴 Day 089 PUG PUP Giclèe Art Print

🌴 Day 089 PUG PUP Giclèe Art Print

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Some say ''a house is not a home without a dog''. Pug Pup illustration features warm browns, soft inky blacks , painted on a creamy grey background. His big 'love me' gaze will align you, helping you to tap into your inner softy :)


Would you like to add a special touch to your purchase? Select 'Signed' for Shantell to sign the back of the print.


  • Giclee print on 100% archival cotton paper. Printed with archival inks. If displayed under normal conditions, this print will not fade 100 years. 


  • A3 297 x 420 mm  
  • Product Code: TUTD084A3
  • A3 297 x 420 mm  
  • Product Code: TUTD084A3/SIG
  • A3 420 x 594 mm  
  • Product Code: TUTD084A2
  • A2 420 x 594 mm
  • Product Code: TUTD084A2/SIG

We suggest hanging this on a focus wall, hallway, kids room any place where you wanna create calm and energy . Perfect for any contemporary, traditional home or studio.This print will align you, helping to stay connect with your inner smile, not to mention your mushy side. :)

This print features day 022 of Shantell Bancroft's #TUTMission100 . This was a personal challenge for Shantell. Her mission for 100 days was learn to self validate, value her skills + rewire a limiting mindset that was she wasn't enough to succeed. The mission began on the 26th February 2015 + was completed on the 11th August 2015. The inspiration for this print is...Shantell has a thing abut Pugs and French Bulldogs. The bulging eyes with the squishy face melts her heart strings.

Wanna know more about this TUT100Mission? Great you can watch a video about it right here http://bit.ly/100DaysMission

COPYRIGHTED - This print copyrighted. It is for your personal use only. Do not redistribute or resell.


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