This Is ...
What We Do...
We create vibrant, handmade, contemporary West Indian: Tops and
We design for the woman, who takes, being individual, seriously. 👐 
Our fashion + accessories provide a meaningful style statement, for West Indian stylistas' who care about bringing their Caribbean heritage + culture into their wardrobe. 
The Afro is our big ❤
We are inspired by relaxation. Barbados, the heritage of the Island...
....West Indian culture, the Tribes of The Caribbean....
....Wildness, Nature...
and the power of  Play.
  We are a sustainably conscious brand. Wherever possible, we use ethical supplies + production methods, environmentally friendly materials + produce by up-cycling and reclaiming items.
We are inspired by storytelling,… you will always know how our lovely things came to be.
Real Talk x Humor is how we tell our truth to the world.

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