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Shantell is a Barbadian, British born Fashion Designer based in London UK. Inspired by Barbados , the lifestyle, West Indian culture, heritage and Tribes of the Caribbean.

The total invisability of the Caribbean aesthic in highstreet clothing brands +well known department stores has grinded  Shantell''s gears since she was first attracted to the ideas of becoming fashion designer in the early 90's.  Then in 2012 she began working on a collection of printed garments, persoanlly inspired  by her experiences +  adventures in Barbados .

Frusrated after many fruitless weeks in pursuit of sourcing printed fabric which represented the West Indies, she decided to solve the problem by designing the fabric  herself. Illustrating her own textile prints.That frustration, was the tipping point which led to Shantell's decision to completely center her design aesthetic on  the heritage + culture shared between the Islands of the Caribbean + shift  her business towards serving West Indian women, who crave to own fashion inspired by the Caribbean. Her mission is to make Caribbean design more accessible and aknowledged by mainstream media & the UK fashion industry.

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