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Shantell Bancroft is a Barbadian, British born Fashion Designer based in London UK. She has been drawing, painting, designing & sewing for over 20 years. She studied A-Level Art & Design at LA SWAP Sixth Form college in North London. Leaving there in 1999, she went on to attend Goldsmiths University in 2000 gaining a BTech National Diploma in Art & Design. At Goldsmiths, she was able to let loose. Her tutors embraced and encouraged her to blend art and garment construction.

Shantell went on to study at the Kent Institute of Art & Design, ( now UCA) graduating in 2004 with a BA in Fashion Product Development.

She went on to work in simultaneous roles in 2005-2007. A Production / Studio Assistant to Jon Jourrou at Seirra Designs -  a House Of Fraser luxury womenswear concessions brand. At the Arcadia group-  a freelance Design Assistant to the Menswear Design Manager for street brand Burton Menswear. In 2009 she continued her experience within design - assisting Fashion Designer/founder Christine Mhando at ChiChia London.

Shantell began building her own company in 2009. In 2011 she established her label The Urban Tiger.

Inspired by Barbados, West Indian culture + heritage, Tribes of the Caribbean. She enjoys blending these with her deep connection to nature, The Cosmos, optical illusion, to form irregular textile prints and dynamic metal forms.

It was in 2012 Shantell felt inspired to create the first Caribbean influenced textile prints. These prints were to depict her personal experiences +  adventures in Barbados.

''...I was sourcing prints of authentic West Indian Palm trees, the food I'd grown up eating, Arawak symbols I had come to be familiar with through researching my family tree, ....however, I couldn't find anything!! I searched for UK fabric mills and international suppliers. Nothing came up.  Tired,I lowered my expectations. I turned my attention to finding textile prints which represented the Caribbean...anything Caribbean....again nothing. Frustrated after many fruitless weeks on my laptop, I decided to solve the problem, by designing the prints, ma damn self! 

That was the tipping point. I knew I had to be part of a much needed solution to a very serious +  global problem. From that moment of frustration on - I have completely centered my  business + design aesthetic on producing beautiful easy to wear earrings and clothing inspired by relaxation, Barbadian lifestyle, and shared heritage between the Islands of the Caribbean.''

Fashion Designer + Founder- Shantell Bancroft

Her mission is to make Caribbean inspired design more accessible and aknowledged by mainstream media & the UK fashion industry.

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