Hey there dude! 

Today-  20th June 2018, TUT  joined the movement by  adding  this new 'Now' page to the website. This page is dedicated to curious Tigers (new and existing )  who wish to know... WTF is Shantell  doing right right NOW NOW?? 

As her priority shifts, this page will be updated.

In The Studio...

Since May 2018  Shantell  has been experimenting with precious metals and wood. She is neck deep in that stuff, developing a brand  new collection of earrings, based on our popular Bathsheba Silver Dangle  earrings ( pictured above). Designing on paper and sketching begun in March. Right now Shantell is working on earring prototypes.  Her plans are to release this brand new collection next year.



Since February 2018 ,research and development for the mood and tone of the new collection has led Shantell down a rabbit hole of  indigenous symbols used as communication by Tribes of the Caribbean, facial tribal markings, surviving tribes of Dominica, Trinidad and the interplay between movement and geometry. She has pulled  these images together to form  colour + inspirations boards, which are a constant reference point through out her design process.

Tuned in ....

Before diving into studying info + researching images for this design brief, Shantell curated a playlist of music. It's a regular working practice of hers. A  playlist  aids focus. Its a nice reminder of her design intentions , and the feelings she wants the whole collection to evoke. Right now Shantell is wining up she waist to  this playlist on Soundcloud  as she works in the studio.

Stay Updated.... 

As Shantell works on this new collection of earrings, she would to love keep you updated on her progress, to show you the images  from her mood boards and  give you a closer look at her sketches + designs. You can also be the first to know when these earrings will be  released. Sound good? Great! All you gotta to do get this news is  Join The Mailing List   :)

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 Last update 20th June 2018