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Hello Hun!! I'm Shantell, designer + founder. I'm always thinking of ways to provide YOU with more value + a better shopping experience. So I'm making a big change to how you can purchase your goodies directly from us, from the website. In 2020, you will no longer be able to shop 247 from the online store. You can still visit the store to view all our products whenever you wish.👍
However, to 'check out' orders-  this will be limited to few a times during the year, for a limited time only.  Limiting access to shopping all year round was a difficult decision for me to make...but  I feel its the right way to go. Costs to run the website and store are high. By making this change, I can dedicate more time + monnies into producing even more exciting things for YOU 🔨 + create more kool perks for our mailing list. This is a 12 month experiment, lets see how it goes!!